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Published on: March 10, 2013
Band ini saya sukai karena nuansa warna musik dan lagu lagunya sangat oke.

Langsung aja kita review band ini


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It was all started in the end of 1997 when Teddy Bisma and Galih formed a band name Pandoraz, they played Punkrock music influenced by Strung Out, Skin of Tears, Sick of Change…and then came Isan out of nowhere, he’s a Drummer of “Inhaler” and now mainly known as “No Label” … Isan wants to join with Pandoraz, coz at that time we had the same vision about music. Teddy and Bisma decided to let Isan join the Pandoraz … In the early of 1998, Teddy and Bisma wanted to change the band’s name into “KURO!”

Do you know why we named it “KURO!? Such a weird name rite?

It was all because … at least we think whether it’s a good or bad naming for our band, it has nothing to do with the meaning of its name, all we wanted was to create & play great songs of ours. Hopefully, ppl will love, enjoy and sing it out loud everytime we perform.

But in a funny way, we accidentally create the meaning of KURO!, and that is Kumpulan Remaja Otodidak! which in English means … A bunch of teens who play music in autodidact way… hehehe … Believe it or not? Just believe it coz it’s true…. *LOL*

KURO!’s 1st line up (1998) were :
Guitaller & Vocaller : Teddy
Guitaller Vocaller : Bisma
Basser : Galih
Drummist : Isan

Around the mid year of 1999 KURO! Was performed as the opening act band for SKIN OF TEARS, a German band which is also one of the bands that influenced the way of KURO! hit some music. It took place at the Dago Tea House Bandung West Java, on their Indonesian Tour, and we play our songs and of course Skin of Tears’ songs … We were so happy to have the opportunity to perform as an opening act for that awesome punk band. After a couple of month, and years gone by … in the Early 2000 KURO! releases the 1st Album called Forever Friends, contains of 12 songs about life, Friendship, struggle, lil bit of love … and a song called Another Love Story is the most favorites among teenage girls in Jakarta. Soon, after we released the album, Galih (bassist) decided to signing out from KURO! So, at that time KURO! was helped by additional players.

A couple of month later, Reza aka Etang (the band manager) search a bass player for KURO! at the MIRC and then Reza met Areef a chatter guy who can play bass … Teddy & Bisma didn’t say YES straightly to let Areef join KURO! coz Areef didnt have the punkrock boy look sadly he has that kind of boyband face … hahahaha, and it was quite debateable but then after a few days they make an appointment to meet with each other to discuss and to give KURO!’s songs materials. Later on, Areef has become a part of KURO!’s big family. Welcome to the family!!

KURO!’s line up in 2001 were:
Guitaller Vocaller : Teddy
Guitaller Vocaller : Bisma
Basser : Areef
Drummist : Isan

Our 2nd album was recorded around the year 2002 – 2003 KURO! with 12 new songs about Love & Life, with 2 BONUS track from the remix version. After we finished recording our 2nd album, Isan the Drummer was out from KURO! its all because KURO! and him didnt have the same vision again like the good old days … in the same year Teddy was busy with his study … Bisma was busy with his job as an architect, and Areef was busy with..dunno..*LOL*

Reza the Manager was also busy with his study, so our 2nd album was released in 2004 (it was 1 year late from its original schedule). The most favorite song in the album is “Its my 1st Love and Broken Heart” coz those punkrock boys love to sing along while we play this song … and we hit the top Indie chart at our local station and thank God KURO! has the opportunity to play at loads of Gigs with our additional Drummers

In 2005 we’re trying to look out for a Drummer which we posted at our official website and then we got a call from Bonny *a Travis Barker wannabe* … he said that he wanted to join with KURO! and then in mid of 2005 Bonny is officially recruited the New Drummer of KURO! He is way better than the other Weirdo Additional Drum players that play with us *LoL*…

KURO!’s line up in 2005 is :
Guitaller Vocaller : Teddy
Guitaller Vocaller : Bisma
Basser : Areef
Drummist : Bonny

This formation stay solid till early 2008, when bonny suddenly decided to leave the band due to personal reason. Areef also resign from the band that year because he wants to pursuit his other career in graphic design and have to move to Saudi Arabia.

The band decided to pick Onang (FYDY,Silverstone) to fill in Areef’s position as Bass player and Takul (Fat Hormone), the band sound engineer as an additional drummer.

eventually Bonny didn’t leave Kuro! for too long, and decided to rejoined them as the band try to make another record in 2009.

KURO!’s line up in 2009 is :
Guitaller Vocaller : Teddy
Guitaller Vocaller : Bisma
Basser : Ronald
Drummist : Bonny

So far, they’ve played in 500 (or even more .. we cant remember how many *LOL*) local gigs, school festival, campus festival, and sadly to say guys … this is the end of our short history … hopefully sometime in the future we can tell you the full story of KURO!.. SEE YAA.. !!!!

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